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Union Home Minister Amit Shah directs Gujarat government to ensure essential services during virtual cyclone preparedness meeting

In a virtual meeting held to assess the state’s readiness for the impending cyclone Biparjoy, Union Home Minister Amit Shah urged the Gujarat government to ensure the provision of necessary services such as electricity, telecommunication, healthcare, and drinking water. The meeting, chaired by Shah, took place two days before the cyclone was predicted to make landfall near Jakhau port in Gujarat’s Kutch district. To safeguard the coastal areas, authorities successfully evacuated over 30,000 people, with backup support from NDRF and SDRF teams. The civil administration, along with the National Disaster Response Force, has collaborated with the Army to strategize relief operations.

Army prepares flood relief columns in strategic locations

The Indian Army has mobilized flood relief columns in strategic locations to aid in the aftermath of cyclone Biparjoy. With the cyclone approaching, preparations are being made to provide assistance and support to affected areas. Additionally, the Army is working in conjunction with the civil administration, NDRF, and SDRF to coordinate relief efforts effectively.

Highlights of Amit Shah’s virtual meeting

During the virtual meeting, Union Home Minister Amit Shah emphasized the importance of uninterrupted essential services during the cyclone. He specifically instructed the Gujarat government to ensure the provision of electricity, telecommunication, healthcare, and drinking water to affected regions. The meeting was attended by Gujarat Chief Minister Bhupendra Patel, Union ministers, Gujarat ministers, MPs, MLAs, and representatives from eight districts expected to be impacted by the cyclone.

Evacuation efforts and relief operations

To mitigate the impact of cyclone Biparjoy, the Gujarat government has been proactively evacuating individuals residing in coastal areas. So far, nearly 30,000 people have been shifted to temporary shelters, prioritizing the safety of vulnerable groups such as children, pregnant women, and the elderly. The government aims to relocate individuals within a 10-kilometer radius from the coast. Tragically, one fatality related to the cyclone has been reported thus far. Relief operations have been planned jointly by the civil administration, NDRF, and Army authorities to provide aid and support to affected communities.

Cyclone’s expected path and impact

According to the Director of Ahmedabad IMD, Manorama Mohanty, cyclone Biparjoy is anticipated to cross between Mandvi in Kutch and Karachi in Pakistan, near the Jakhau port, on June 15. The cyclone is expected to bring winds of 125-135 kmph and 150 kmph during its landfall. The Saurashtra-Kutch region, particularly the districts of Kutch, Porbandar, and Devbhumi Dwarka, have been issued warnings of extremely heavy rainfall and strong winds. After making landfall and weakening, the cyclone is projected to move northeastward and bring heavy to very heavy rainfall in north Gujarat until June 15-17.

Disruptions in transportation and fishing activities


Due to the rough sea conditions caused by the approaching cyclone, fishing activities have been suspended until June 16. The Western Railway has taken precautionary measures to ensure passenger safety by canceling 69 trains, short-terminating 32 trains, and short-originating 26 trains. Furthermore, ports have been closed, and ships are anchored to prevent any untoward incidents.

Collaborative efforts for disaster management

Various agencies involved in disaster management, including the Army, civil administration, and NDRF, have collaborated to share best practices and coordinate relief operations. The defense authorities have planned flood relief columns and deployed them strategically in critical areas. Additional resources have been brought in from neighboring Rajasthan to minimize the impact of gusty winds and heavy.

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