Breaking News: Kolkata Airport Incident: Fire Erupts in West Bengal, No Sign of Damage


Kolkata Airport Fire Incident: Chaos and Fear Subside as Prompt Response Ensures Passenger Safety

In a startling turn of events, a minor fire broke out at Kolkata’s Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose International Airport on Wednesday evening, creating a scene of panic and frenzy among passengers. Reports emerged of black smoke engulfing the airport, with frightened individuals running for safety. However, thanks to the swift response and efficient measures taken by airport authorities, the situation was swiftly brought under control, ensuring the well-being of all passengers.

The fire originated from a check-in counter in the departure area, specifically portal D of the 3C departure terminal building. Authorities promptly alerted the Airport Authority of India and other emergency services to address the incident. Passengers were immediately evacuated from the affected area, ensuring their safety and minimizing the risk of any potential harm.

An official statement from the Airport Authority of India confirmed that the fire had been swiftly extinguished by 9:40 pm, a mere half an hour after it was first reported. The evacuation process was carried out smoothly, and authorities ensured that all individuals were safely escorted away from the affected area.

Due to the presence of smoke in the check-in area, the check-in process was temporarily suspended as a precautionary measure. However, the airport authorities worked diligently to eliminate the smoke and restore normal operations. The check-in and overall airport functioning resumed shortly after the incident was brought under control.

Although initial reports spoke of chaos and fear gripping the airport, it is essential to commend the rapid response of the airport staff, security personnel, and emergency services. Their coordinated efforts played a crucial role in averting a potential disaster and ensuring the safety of all passengers and airport personnel.

The incident serves as a reminder of the significance of robust safety protocols in place at airports worldwide. The prompt action taken by Kolkata’s Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose International Airport authorities highlights their commitment to passenger well-being and the effectiveness of their emergency response systems.


While this incident caused a temporary disruption, it is reassuring to witness the successful management of the situation and the resumption of normal operations. Passengers can now proceed with their travel plans, confident in the airport’s ability to prioritize their safety.

As investigations into the cause of the fire continue, authorities are expected to review security measures and further enhance safety protocols to prevent similar incidents in the future. The incident serves as a stark reminder of the constant vigilance required to ensure the security and well-being of travelers.

In conclusion, the Kolkata Airport fire incident, which initially sparked panic and fear, ultimately saw a commendable response from the airport authorities. Through their prompt actions, the situation was swiftly brought under control, and passengers were safely evacuated. This incident serves as a reminder of the importance of robust safety measures and effective emergency response systems in maintaining the well-being of passengers and airport personnel.

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