Top golfers from the PGA Tour embark on a cross-country journey, vying for a remarkable $20 million prize purse at the highly anticipated Travelers Championship


Nathan Grube, the tournament director of the Travelers Championship, used to have concerns when the U.S. Open occurred on the West Coast.

During those years, many of the world’s top golfers would opt to take a break the week following the major tournament or head to Europe to prepare for the Open Championship, rather than making the journey across the country to compete at TPC River Highlands in Connecticut.

However, this year brought a significant change. In response to LIV Golf, the Travelers Championship was elevated to one of the prestigious “designated” PGA Tour events. With an increased purse and a virtual requirement for top golfers to participate, the tournament now enjoys the assurance of a strong and competitive field.

“I can confidently say that I probably wouldn’t have been here, even though I have a great fondness for this tournament,” shared Masters champion Jon Rahm on Tuesday. “That being said, they’ve done an outstanding job of ensuring players’ comfort. Having a charter flight always makes things much easier, not just for the top 2 or 3 players in the world, but also for other high-quality players who come here to compete.”

This week’s tournament features an impressive field that includes the world’s top 8 golfers according to the rankings, along with 38 of the top 50 players.

Grube and his team have earned a reputation for their exceptional treatment of golfers, which has played a vital role in attracting them to Connecticut. This includes providing complimentary charter flights for players coming from the U.S. Open.

Once in the state, the perks continue. There are amenities such as free laundry and haircuts for caddies, on-site day care facilities, and organized day trips for spouses and children to amusement parks. This year, the tournament went the extra mile by adding a coffee and ice cream bar, as well as a lounge on the driving range.

Grube explained that the Travelers Championship was chosen last fall to be among the first events to receive elevated status, partially due to its player-friendly reputation. “We’ve been proving ourselves for the past 16 years,” Grube said, referring to the length of time Travelers has been the event’s title sponsor. “And when the opportunity arose… we were ready.”

The dedication and efforts of the Travelers Championship team have paid off, as they successfully secured their position as a highly regarded and eagerly anticipated event on the PGA Tour circuit.

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