Great news for Indian students! Canada has implemented a temporary suspension on deportation, providing a huge relief to them.


Amidst growing concerns over the deportation of 700 Indian students in Canada, a glimmer of hope has emerged as the Government of Canada has decided to halt the deportation process until further notice. The decision came after Aam Aadmi Party MP Vikramjit Singh Sahney, who serves as the International President of the World Punjabi Organization, made a fervent request on behalf of the students. These young individuals, predominantly hailing from Punjab, found themselves facing deportation after Canadian authorities discovered that their “admission offer letters” were counterfeit. The revelation unfolded when these students applied for permanent residency in Canada earlier this year.

Sahney expressed his relief on Friday, announcing that the Canadian government had heeded their pleas and temporarily suspended the deportation of the 700 Indian students. “We have written to them and explained that these students are innocent victims of fraud. They had no involvement in any forgery or deception. Unscrupulous agents issued fake admission letters and payment receipts on their behalf, and the immigration department failed to scrutinize the visa applications,” Sahney clarified. “It is important to understand that the students are not to blame; they have fallen prey to this fraudulent scheme,” he added.

The orchestrator of this deceitful operation was Brijesh Mishra, a consultant based in Jalandhar, who misled the students by providing them with counterfeit offer letters from reputable Canadian colleges and universities.

In a separate development, Kuldip Singh Dhaliwal, Punjab’s Minister of NRI Affairs, has appealed for intervention from External Affairs Minister S. Jaishankar. Dhaliwal, in a letter to Jaishankar, expressed his desire to discuss the matter in person. “I have also requested a meeting with the External Affairs Minister to bring the gravity of the situation to the attention of the Government of India,” Dhaliwal stated.

In his letter to the External Affairs Minister, Dhaliwal emphasized the innocence of the 700 students, highlighting their victimization at the hands of a deceitful group of fraudsters. “I kindly request that you personally review this matter and raise it with the appropriate agencies, including the High Commission of Canada and the Canadian government, in order to prevent the deportation of these students,” Dhaliwal pleaded.

Additionally, Dhaliwal urged the people of Punjab to exercise caution before venturing abroad for studies or sending their children overseas. He stressed the importance of thoroughly verifying the details of colleges and travel agents to avoid falling victim to similar fraudulent practices.


The temporary suspension of deportation proceedings has brought a ray of hope for the 700 Indian students in Canada. The issue has garnered attention from both domestic and international authorities, underscoring the need for concerted efforts to protect innocent students from the clutches of fraudulent schemes.

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