In a shocking turn of events, Tirthanand Rao, Kapil Sharma’s co-star from Comedy Circus Ke Ajoobe, tragically consumes poison in a desperate bid to end his life.

Tirthanand Rao

In a shocking turn of events, popular comedian Tirthanand Rao, known for his appearances on the hit show Comedy Circus Ke Ajoobe alongside Kapil Sharma, made a distressing announcement during a recent Facebook live stream. Rao revealed that he had once again attempted suicide, citing mounting debts and a manipulative woman as the main catalysts behind his desperate act.

During the emotional live session, Tirthanand Rao divulged that he had found himself trapped in a web of financial burden, with debts amounting to approximately Rs 3-4 lakh. Distraught and feeling overwhelmed, he blamed his current state on a woman with whom he claimed to have been cohabitating. According to Rao, this woman had not only filed a police complaint against him in Bhayandar, but also extorted money from him, further exacerbating his precarious situation.

Tirthanand Rao, born on a Saturday, July 24, 1976 (at the age of 46 as of 2022), in Maharashtra, India, possesses a unique talent for mimicry. His passion for this art form emerged during his upbringing, and he enthusiastically participated in local comedy shows, showcasing his exceptional impersonation skills, most notably imitating the renowned actor Nana Patekar.

Setting himself apart, Tirthanand Rao had worked in an impressive array of films, spanning seven different languages. His versatility knows no bounds, as he has seamlessly transitioned across Hindi, Malayalam, Marathi, Bhojpuri, Rajasthani, Gujarati, and Punjabi cinema. Among his notable film credits are “Once Upon ay Time in Mumbai Dobaara!,” “Global Baba,” “Dhoom to Dhamal,” “Kaat Ke Rakh Deb,” “Pyar ho Gayeel Delhi wali Say,” “Dulhaniya kisto mein,” “Baisakhi wala Mela,” and “Rachna No Dabbo.”

In addition to his silver screen appearances, Tirthanand Rao had also made a significant mark in the realm of television. He has graced numerous TV series with his talent, including “Sonpari,” “Comedy Circus ke Ajoobe,” “Super Dancer — Chapter 3,” “Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah,” and “Hitler Didi.”

In the distressing video, Tirthanand Rao was seen consuming a poisonous substance, specifically insect repellant, after pouring it into a glass. He explicitly expressed his belief that if any harm were to befall him, the aforementioned woman would be responsible.

Thankfully, concerned friends who were watching the Facebook live stream immediately sprang into action. They rushed to Rao’s residence and were shocked to find him unconscious. Without wasting any time, they swiftly transported him to the nearest hospital while simultaneously contacting the authorities.

This unfortunate incident isn’t the first time that Tirthanand Rao has contemplated suicide in such a public manner. On December 27, 2021, he made headlines when he conducted a similarly distressing live stream, during which he shared his personal struggles and hinted at taking drastic measures. On that occasion, he even reached out to his assistant to relay his intentions.

The entertainment industry and fans of Tirthanand Rao are expressing deep concern and extending their support during this difficult time. Mental health and financial challenges continue to be pressing issues faced by individuals across various professions, highlighting the need for awareness, empathy, and support systems to help those in distress.

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