Violent confrontation in Imphal leaves two injured: Security forces clash with mobs, targeting houses of BJP leaders for arson

Manipur Violence

Manipur Violence: Clash Erupts Between Mobs and Security Forces, Injuring Civilians and Targeting BJP Leaders

In an unfortunate incident that unfolded overnight in Imphal town, Manipur, a violent clash broke out between mobs and security forces, resulting in injuries to two civilians. The confrontation took a grave turn when attempts were made to set fire to the houses of BJP leaders. Disturbing visuals of a vandalized BJP office in Manipur’s Thongju have surfaced on social media, shedding light on the extent of the damage caused by the mob. Reports indicate that the office was ransacked by the enraged mob during the night.

Furthermore, separate incidents of automatic gunfire were reported from Kwakta in Bishnupur district and Kangvai in Churachandpur district throughout the night. Adding to the chaos, an audacious attempt was made to loot weapons from the Iringbam police station in Imphal West. Fortunately, no weapons were stolen. In an effort to curb the escalating violence, the army, Assam Rifles, and the Manipur Rapid Action Force jointly conducted marches until midnight in the state capital, aiming to prevent rioters from gathering.

The situation grew increasingly volatile as a mob, comprising approximately 1,000 individuals, gathered near the palace compound with the intention of setting ablaze nearby buildings. To disperse the crowd, the Rapid Action Force resorted to employing tear gas and rubber bullets. Another mob targeted the residence of Biswajeet, an MLA, in an attempt to set it on fire. However, the swift response of the Rapid Action Force column managed to scatter the mob, preventing further damage. Similarly, in the aftermath of midnight, another mob surrounded the BJP office located in Sinjemai. Once again, the arrival of an army column swiftly dispersed the gathering, thwarting any harm to the property.

In yet another incident, a crowd attempted to vandalize the home of Sharda Devi, the president of the BJP’s women’s wing, in the vicinity of Porampet in Imphal. The security forces successfully intervened and managed to disperse the agitated youth, averting a potential disaster. Earlier on the same day, crowds resorted to setting up roadblocks and torching properties in the heart of Imphal town, causing significant disruption to normalcy.

Manipur Violence

Notably, a mob engaged in a clash with the Rapid Action Force personnel on Friday evening after setting a warehouse on fire. The group also resorted to burning tires, logs, and waste materials in the middle of roads in Wangkhei, Porompat, and Thangapat areas, thereby severely impacting the flow of traffic in Manipur’s capital town.

The ongoing violence in Manipur is a cause for serious concern, necessitating immediate attention and measures to restore peace and stability in the region. The authorities must take decisive action to apprehend the culprits behind these acts of violence and ensure the safety of the residents. It is crucial for the state to promote dialogue and understanding among different groups to prevent such incidents from escalating further, preserving the harmony and unity of Manipur.

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