Promises are easily made, yet the hallmark of the Modi government lies in its unwavering commitment to deliver: Jaishankar


External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar emphasized the exceptional quality of the Narendra Modi government on Saturday, highlighting its remarkable ability to deliver on services and projects within specified timeframes, setting it apart from other political parties that conveniently forget their pre-election promises. Speaking to reporters after attending an event at the site of an ongoing Eco Park development in Badarpur, Delhi, Jaishankar expressed admiration for the government’s consistent delivery of its commitments, contrary to the tendencies of other parties. He noted, “After elections, they forget their promises made to people, but in the Modi ‘sarkar,’ people today witness the actual delivery of services and projects.”

Jaishankar commended NTPC for spearheading the Eco Park project and praised the efforts of the local Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) MP and leadership in driving the green initiative. The Eco Park, slated for inauguration in December this year, is anticipated to breathe new life into Delhi, serving as an environmental sanctuary while simultaneously enhancing the overall quality of life and fostering economic activities in its vicinity. The Minister stressed that the Modi government not only makes promises but also ensures that the work it undertakes is completed within the stipulated timeframe, showcasing tangible results to the public.

Identifying “delivery” as the government’s “strong point,” Jaishankar highlighted the stark contrast between mere promises and tangible development, emphasizing that while anyone can make promises, the Modi government’s foremost commitment is to progress (vikas). As part of the BJP’s ‘Vikas Teerth Yatra,’ Jaishankar, alongside other party leaders, participated in an event that commenced from Eco Park in Badarpur. He underscored the significance of infrastructure projects, which not only alleviate the burdens of the local population but also contribute to the overall development of Delhi, exemplifying the rapid pace at which the country is advancing.


Without explicitly naming anyone, the Minister implied that the people of Badarpur would witness firsthand the disparities between a government that delivers and one that merely promises. Drawing from his international experiences, Jaishankar expressed his desire to incorporate global best practices into India’s governance, stating that Prime Minister Narendra Modi shares a similar vision.

He explained that Modi seeks to bring exemplary practices observed abroad, such as river cleaning, infrastructure development, and technology adoption, to India, aligning with the nation’s progress and development aspirations.

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