ASTRO Moonbin’s management company to pursue legal measures against false rumors circulating about the K-Pop idol, Moonbin


ASTRO’s Moonbin’s Agency to Pursue Legal Action Against False Rumors Surrounding the Late K-Pop Idol

In the wake of the untimely passing of ASTRO member Moonbin, his mother has made a heartfelt plea for people to refrain from spreading unfounded rumors about her late son. Responding to the distress caused by these baseless speculations, Moonbin’s agency, Fantagio, has now announced its decision to take legal measures to address the issue.

Moonbin, a versatile artist hailing from South Korea, captivated audiences with his impressive skills as a singer, actor, dancer, and model throughout his career under the renowned label Fantagio. Best known as a member of the popular South Korean boy group Astro and its sub-unit Moonbin & Sanha, Moonbin’s talent and charisma left an indelible mark on the K-pop industry.

Born on January 26, 1998, in Cheongju, Chungbuk Province, Moonbin’s journey towards stardom began at a young age. As a student at Hanlim Multi Art School, he honed his talents with a focus on Practical Music, laying the foundation for his future success. Moonbin’s dedication and hard work were evident from the early stages of his career, setting him apart as an artist of immense potential.

Moonbin tragically passed away on April 19 of this year, and since then, there has been an influx of rumors surrounding the circumstances of his death. Despite the family’s desire for privacy, with his funeral conducted discreetly, the unverified claims have persisted. In an effort to protect Moonbin’s memory and shield his grieving fans from further harm, his mother shared a letter through Fantagio, urging people to refrain from engaging in idle gossip about her beloved son.

In light of the situation, Fantagio has released an official statement outlining its course of action. “This is Fantagio. First and foremost, we express our gratitude to all the fans who cherish our artists. While our initial intention was to handle this matter privately, the concern shown by countless fans has led us to make this brief statement regarding our plans,” the agency stated.

The statement further addressed the escalating nature of malicious posts and the agency’s decision to take a stand against them. “Recently, we have witnessed an alarming increase in the severity of these false allegations for Moonbin, and we can no longer stand idly by. Therefore, we have initiated the process of pursuing legal action. We also want to make it clear that should similar incidents arise in the future, we will respond with unwavering legal measures. We are committed to enhancing our monitoring capabilities and will continue to respond with firm legal action. Once again, we emphasize that there will be no leniency in this matter. Thank you.”


Fans of ASTRO have rallied behind the agency’s decision and expressed their support on various social media platforms, urging an end to the dissemination of unnecessary rumors surrounding Moonbin’s passing.

For those who may not be familiar with the details, Moonbin was discovered deceased at his residence in Gangnam. His agency confirmed the devastating news through an official statement, while keeping the cause of death private. It has been reported that Moonbin’s manager discovered him and promptly alerted the authorities.

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