New Jersey restaurant presents exclusive ‘Modi Ji Thali’ in anticipation of Prime Minister Modi’s upcoming US trip. Witness it firsthand!


A Culinary Homage to PM Modi’s US Visit! New Jersey Eatery Presents Exclusive ‘Modi Ji Thali’.

Latest Update: A renowned eatery in New Jersey has crafted a special ‘thali’ as a tribute to the upcoming visit of Prime Minister Narendra Modi to the United States. The unique ‘Modi Ji Thali’, meticulously prepared by Chef Shripad Kulkarni, features an array of delectable dishes, including Khichdi, rasgulla, sarson ka saag, Kashmiri dum aloo, tricoloured idli, dhokla, chaach, and papad. Chef Kulkarni curated these delicacies based on the preferences of the local Indian diaspora. A captivating video shared by news agency ANI showcases Chef Kulkarni proudly presenting the vibrant ‘thali’ and revealing intriguing details about this exceptional creation. The restaurant owner is also planning to introduce a second thali dedicated to External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar soon, acknowledging his immense popularity among the Indian American community.


This ‘thali’ also serves as a tribute to the United Nations’ declaration of 2023 as the International Year of Millets, a recommendation put forth by the Indian government in 2019. It is worth noting that ‘thalis’ inspired by PM Modi have garnered attention in the past. A Delhi-based restaurant, for instance, launched a ’56 inch Narendra Modi Thali’ containing 56 vegetarian and non-vegetarian items, commemorating the Prime Minister’s birthday.

During his visit to the US, PM Modi is scheduled to be hosted by US President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden for a dinner on June 22. Notably, he will become the first Indian Prime Minister to address a joint meeting of the US Congress for the second time.

The Indian American community has organized numerous events to warmly welcome Prime Minister Modi during his visit. An ‘India Unity Day’ march is set to take place on June 18 in 20 major cities across America. Furthermore, on June 21, several prominent Indian-Americans will join PM Modi for the International Yoga Day event at the UN complex in New York. On June 22, over seven thousand Indian Americans will assemble at the South Lawns of the White House to extend a grand welcome.

Additionally, PM Modi will address the heads of leading US companies at the John F Kennedy Center in Washington and deliver a speech to the Indian diaspora in the evening at the Ronald Reagan Center in DC. This visit holds immense significance in strengthening the bilateral ties between India and the United States.

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