India lodges formal protest with Pakistani diplomat regarding targeted assaults on Sikh community members in Pakistan


India Urges Thorough Investigation into Attacks on Sikh Community in Pakistan

In the wake of recent violent attacks targeting members of the Sikh community in Pakistan, India has called upon Pakistani authorities to conduct a sincere investigation into these incidents and share the findings, according to official sources. Sources revealed that four such attacks occurred between April and June, prompting India to take strong notice of these alarming incidents. “India has demanded that Pakistani authorities investigate these violent attacks on the Sikh community with utmost sincerity and transparency, and provide the investigation reports,” stated the sources. They further conveyed India’s message for protest that Pakistan must ensure the safety and security of its minority communities, who continue to live in constant fear of religious persecution.

The latest attack in took place on June 24 when an unidentified group of armed individuals opened fire and fatally shot a Sikh community member named Manmohan Singh in the Kakshal locality, as reported by The News International, a Pakistan-based news outlet. According to the Capital City Police spokesperson, Singh, aged 34, was traveling home in an auto-rickshaw when the assailants targeted him near Guldara, Kakshal.

On June 23, another Sikh man named Tarlug Singh, son of Makhan Singh, was shot and injured in the Dabgari area of the provincial capital. The armed assailants, whose identities remain unknown, targeted Tarlug Singh’s leg, and he was subsequently admitted to a hospital where his condition was reported as stable.

In May, the Sikh community faced yet another tragic incident in Lahore, as Sardar Singh was gunned down in a drive-by shooting in protest. Singh, aged 63, suffered a fatal gunshot wound to the head, marking the third attack on the Sikh community. Police officer Asad Abbas confirmed that Singh’s bodyguard was also injured during the attack, as reported by Pakistan Today. Additionally, in April, a Sikh man named Dayal Singh was shot and killed by gunmen in Peshawar.

India’s firm stance on these attacks, protest and their demand for a thorough investigation underscore the importance of safeguarding the rights and security of minority communities, emphasizing the need for proactive measures to prevent such acts of violence and ensure religious freedom.

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