The Belarusian President warns, ‘If necessary, we will not hesitate to employ nuclear weapons’ amid the Russia-Ukraine War.

Russia-Ukraine War

In a recent development, Russia-Ukraine WarRussian President Vladimir Putin has made an announcement regarding the deployment of short-range nuclear weapons to Belarus, a neighboring country and partner of Moscow. This move has been widely interpreted as a signal to the West amidst their increasing military assistance to Ukraine.

In response, Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko asserted on Tuesday that if Belarus faced any aggression, he would not hesitate to authorize the use of Russian tactical nuclear weapons, despite Putin’s claim that Russia would retain control over them.

President Lukashenko, known for his strong statements, conveyed his stance via the state news agency BelTA. He stated, “While I hope we never have to make such a decision, in the face of aggression, we would not hesitate to utilize those weapons.” The Russian officials have not yet responded to Lukashenko’s remarks in Russia-Ukraine War.

Lukashenko further clarified that he had specifically requested Putin to deploy nuclear weapons from Russia to Belarus. He argued that this measure was necessary to deter potential attacks, stating, “I believe that no one would dare to engage in conflict with a country possessing such weapons. They serve as a deterrent.”

During their meeting on Friday, Putin assured Lukashenko that the necessary facilities for housing the nuclear weapons would be constructed by July 7 and swiftly transported to Belarusian territory.

Tactical nuclear weapons, unlike their intercontinental ballistic missile counterparts, are designed for use on the battlefield to target enemy troops and weaponry. They possess a lower yield and a shorter range but still have the potential to devastate entire cities.

Russia-Ukraine War

Lukashenko emphasized that Belarus does not require the deployment of strategic nuclear weapons from Russia for Russia-Ukraine War, stating, “Am I going to engage in a conflict with America? No.” However, he also mentioned that Belarus was preparing facilities for intercontinental ballistic missiles armed with nuclear warheads, as a precautionary measure.

This recent escalation involving the deployment of nuclear weapons to Belarus adds a significant dimension to the ongoing tensions in the region, heightening concerns about the potential consequences and impact on international relations.

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