The Center dismisses Jack Dorsey’s allegations of ‘India’s threat to close down Twitter’ as an ‘outright falsehood’


Jack Dorsey, the former CEO of Twitter who resigned in 2021, has made claims about receiving numerous requests from India to censor accounts critical of the government and those reporting on farmers’ protests. He also alleged that there were threats to shut down the platform. However, the Indian government has strongly refuted these allegations and labeled them as an outright lie.

Union Minister Rajeev Chandrasekhar responded firmly, stating that Dorsey’s claims were baseless and that Twitter had a history of non-compliance with Indian laws. Chandrasekhar clarified that between 2020 and 2022, Twitter repeatedly violated Indian law without facing any consequences. He emphasized that no one was arrested or subjected to raids during that period. Chandrasekhar accused Dorsey of fabricating stories about raids and arrests to suit his narrative.

Chandrasekhar further criticized Twitter for misusing its power as a platform, selectively de-amplifying and de-platforming individuals both in India and abroad. He insinuated that Twitter disregarded the sovereignty of Indian law and acted as if it were exempt from complying with it.

The Union Minister also highlighted the need for Twitter to address misinformation on its platform, particularly during the protests in January 2021. Chandrasekhar acknowledged that the Indian government had a responsibility to remove fake news and misinformation that could potentially exacerbate the situation. He criticized Twitter for displaying partisan behavior, pointing out that the platform was reluctant to remove misinformation in India but acted differently during similar events in the United States.

Chandrasekhar clarified that the government’s focus was solely on ensuring compliance with Indian laws and safeguarding the integrity of the internet. He argued that there was substantial evidence in the public domain regarding Twitter’s arbitrary and discriminatory conduct under Dorsey’s leadership. The minister accused Twitter of violating Indian law, engaging in partisan behavior, and assisting in the weaponization of misinformation. He further claimed that Twitter’s actions violated Article 14 and 19 of the Indian constitution, which guarantee equality before the law and freedom of speech.

Chandrasekhar concluded by reaffirming the Indian government’s stance that all intermediaries operating in India must comply with the country’s laws to ensure a safe and trusted internet environment that is accountable to its users.

In summary, the Indian government has strongly refuted Jack Dorsey’s claims, calling them false and accusing Twitter of non-compliance with Indian laws. Union Minister Rajeev Chandrasekhar has criticized Twitter’s partisan behavior, misuse of power, and failure to remove misinformation. The government’s priority remains ensuring compliance with laws to create a safe and trusted online space.

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