Dramatic Footage: Enormous Fire Ravages Residential Tower in Ajman, UAE


Massive Blaze Engulfs Residential Tower in Ajman, UAE, Prompting Swift Response from Authorities

A colossal fire erupted on Monday night in a residential building located in Ajman, UAE, triggering a rapid deployment of multiple fire control vehicles by the authorities. The incident took place in Tower 02 of the renowned “Ajman One Complex,” as confirmed by Anjman Police. Thankfully, due to the concerted efforts of the civil defense and police teams, the fire was successfully brought under control and extinguished. The firefighting operation, spearheaded by the fire department and local police authorities, proved to be instrumental in containing the blaze.

Remarkably, no injuries have been reported so far, according to the latest update from the police. To assist affected residents, a mobile police station was swiftly established at the scene of the incident. This dedicated station facilitated the issuance of certificates and provided necessary assistance for residents to report any losses they may have incurred. Its presence also contributed to ensuring the overall security and safety of the site.


Abdullah Saif Al Matrooshi, the Director-General of Police Operations at Ajman Police, acknowledged the pivotal role played by the mobile police station. In a microblogging post on Tuesday, he stated, “A mobile police station was brought to the site of the accident, which provided certificates and other measures for residents to be able to report the loss of items. The mobile station also helped secure the site.”

The authorities are currently conducting further investigations to determine the cause of the fire and assess the extent of the damage inflicted on the residential building.

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