Vicky Kaushal reflects on his father Sham Kaushal’s battle with cancer: “We were given a grim prognosis, but he defied all odds and survived.”

Sham Kaushal

Vicky Kaushal’s father, Sham Kaushal, became overwhelmed with emotions as he opened up about his cancer diagnosis and the devastating moment when the doctor delivered the news that his chances of survival were slim.

Vicky Kaushal’s father, Sham Kaushal, faced a daunting battle with stomach cancer back in 2003. However, he defied the odds and emerged as a survivor. Recently, in an interview, Sham shared his remarkable journey, which is truly captivating. Recounting his experience, he revealed that the doctors had initially given him a grim prognosis, stating that he wouldn’t survive. Despite this, Sham not only bounced back stronger but also went on to live some of the best days of his life. At the time of his health crisis, his sons Vicky and Sunny Kaushal were teenagers, with Vicky being around 15 years old and Sunny almost 14.

Sham explained, “After returning from the hospital, I encountered several complications in my stomach. In October, I had to be admitted to Nanavati Hospital, where the doctors conveyed that my chances of survival were slim.” Accepting this harsh reality, Sham prayed to God, expressing his contentment with his life achievements despite the uncertain future. He stated, “Take me away if you must, but if you choose to save me, then don’t let me become weak. I cannot live as a feeble person.”

During his treatment, Vicky was around 15, and Sunny was almost 14. Sham underwent surgeries at the hospital and was later discharged, eventually recovering from his condition. Remarkably, he went on to experience the best phase of his life despite the earlier prognosis. Sham proudly shared, “After being told that I wouldn’t survive, I witnessed the most incredible days. I won numerous awards after 2003, and my best films came afterward. Moreover, my children achieved great success during that time.”

For those unaware, Sham Kaushal is a renowned action director in the film industry. He has contributed to several notable films such as Dangal and Bajirao Mastani, among others. Having led a humble life, Sham worked diligently in the industry, eventually carving a special place in the hearts of millions with his remarkable work. His journey began as a stunt performer in the late ’70s, primarily under the guidance of Veeru Devgan, one of the most prominent action directors of that era.

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