Recently Unearthed: WWII-Era Hurricane Aircraft, Dispatched to the Soviet Union in the Fight Against Nazi Germany, Uncovered in Ukraine


WWII-Era Hawker Hurricane Planes Found in Ukraine, Bearing Testimony to Allied Support in the Fight Against Nazi Germany

In a remarkable development in Ukraine, the discovery of 8 British Hawker Hurricane planes from WWII-Era has shed light on a significant chapter in history. These aircraft were part of a crucial effort to provide military assistance to the Soviet Union during the Nazi invasion in 1941. The find, buried in a forest south of the capital Kyiv, unveils a lesser-known aspect of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics’ (USSR) wartime alliance with the United Kingdom.

According to a report by the BBC, the Hurricane fighter planes were sent to the USSR as part of a comprehensive aid package funded by the United States under the Lend-Lease scheme. It is worth noting that the US is currently extending similar support to Ukraine in its ongoing conflict with Russian forces.

Aviation experts emphasize the rarity of such discoveries in Ukraine, making this find particularly significant. “It’s a momentous occasion for our aviation history as no Lend-Lease aircraft have been uncovered here before,” remarked Oleks Shtan, a former airline pilot leading the excavation.

During the Battle of Britain, the Hawker Hurricane fighters played a pivotal role in thwarting Nazi Germany’s attempts to invade the United Kingdom. Operating under the command of the Royal Air Force (RAF), these aircraft shot down over half of the enemy planes, securing a crucial victory. Shtan notes that the Hurricane was specifically designed to be robust and reliable, making it suitable for inexperienced pilots.

Approximately 3,000 Hurricane fighter planes were dispatched to the Soviet Union to bolster their war efforts against Nazi Germany. While many of these planes were destroyed or dismantled, some were intentionally rendered inoperable and buried to alleviate the Soviets’ financial obligations. According to the terms of the Lend-Lease agreement, the Soviets were expected to reimburse the Allies for the remaining military equipment.

The fate of the eight Hurricane aircraft found in Ukraine reveals a somber reality. Stripped of radios, machine guns, and salvageable metal, they were hauled by tractors, damaged, and unceremoniously deposited into a ravine. The discovery of these remains came to light following the detection of an unexploded bomb from WWII in the vicinity.

The National Aviation Museum of Ukraine is painstakingly undertaking a manual excavation of the area, with the objective of identifying and assembling as many aircraft parts as possible for eventual display. “The Hurricanes symbolize British assistance during the Second World War, and we are immensely grateful for their support. The UK remains one of our largest suppliers of military equipment,” expressed Valerii Romanenko, head of research at the Ukrainian aviation museum.

During the conflict, the USSR suffered significant losses in its fight against the forces of Nazi Germany and was in desperate need of fighter aircraft. The RAF’s provision of Hurricane planes played a crucial role in meeting this demand. British pilots eventually handed over the aircraft to their Soviet counterparts, marking a shift in operational control.


Today, only 14 reassembled Hurricane fighters are deemed airworthy worldwide. These aircraft, although overshadowed by their more renowned counterpart, the Spitfire, became obsolete towards the war’s end and were predominantly utilized for air defense.

The discovery of the buried Hurricane planes in Ukraine serves as a poignant reminder of the sacrifices made and the international collaboration that shaped the outcome of World War II. These silent witnesses to history continue to resonate, paying tribute to the unwavering determination and shared efforts of nations united against a common enemy.

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